Vishnupuri Dam

    Constructed on the river Godavari, this is one of the largest lift irrigation projects in Asia. The project is situated near Asarjan village, at about 8 k.m. from Nanded city. The project was completed in the year 1988. The back water covers 40 k.m. length of the river Godavari. Culturable Command Area of project is 23222 Hec. and Irrigable Command Area is 19514 Hec. Up till now irrigation Potential of 15856 Hec. is created.

    The command area of this project is distributed in Nanded, Kandhar & Loha taluka of Nanded district. Live storage of project is 80.79 Million cubic meters Out of which 43.95 Million cubic meters storage is reserved for drinking purpose for Nanded city and 10.26 Million cubic meters storage is reserved for Industrial purpose. The barrage has 18 vertical gates.

    The idea of this project was put forward and pursued by former Chief Minister of Maharashtra late Shri. Shankarrao Chavan. Hence in his remembrance the Govt. of Maharashtra has named the water reservoir as the Shankar Sagar Jalashaya. With the huge water reservoir, presence of Kaleshwar temple, Landscaping, the Ghat and the Ratneshwari hills in the surrounding the place has been attracting pilgrims and tourists. Every year on the day of Mahashivratri lacks of pilgrims assemble for the Yatra. This is one of largest lift irrigation project in Asia sub-continent located on Godavari river. This project is named as Dr. Shankarrao Chavan Vishnupuri Project.